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The Evolution of baleY's



Once upon a serendipitous meal, Ricky and I discovered a connection that would set our hearts ablaze. His charming Northern accent combined with his incredible Southern style cooking stole my heart instantly. Our love story led to a beautiful merging of families and a shared passion for spreading love through fellowship and delicious food.


Fueled by a deep desire to nurture and care for others, we found joy in inviting people into our home, creating memorable experiences, and sending them off with satisfied bellies. Sundays became synonymous with football as they eagerly awaited the "taste of the day," a culinary creation that always spoke the loudest in a room filled with loved ones.


Motivated by a commitment to support working-class families, our mission is to provide affordable, homemade meals Monday through Thursday. We understand the demands of juggling work and family responsibilities, which is why we offer the convenience of reviewing our online menu to allow you to place your orders by noon, the Sunday before the scheduled Monday delivery. 

As a family-centric business, our small company is infused with boundless love, delightful treats, and an unwavering dedication to serve. We pride ourselves on tailoring menus and prices to cater to individual needs, while also offering a selection of carefully crafted options for your consideration. We encourage you to reach out to us for a personalized quote, as we genuinely value the opportunity to create a uniquely unforgettable dining experience just for you.

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